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Shwaty B @lanmy

I’m so stressed about my life right like everything is messed. I feel like nothing is coming right. I was suppose to be graduating this year and I’m left with one module and I can’t register because of some complications at school and this is the third time I will be doing this module I don’t even understand how I’m failing. This thing is making me feel like a loser or am nothing in life coz I’m just sitting at home doing nothing I’ve tried applying for jobs no replies yet. Bwt I’m used being an independent person I don’t like asking people for money so sitting at home asking for useless things like even asking for Airtime ming yhoh can’t no this is not me😭.
One thing that stressed me alot is my mom like I really wanna make her happy and I hate it coz my family is treating her like nothing because she has no proper house or somethingand her kids ain’t doing something, they even excluding her to some family meetings and I hate to see it. I love my mom and I don’t like to see her unhappy I really wanna build her a house and treat her well myb the will start treating her with respect.

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Thats so nice of you thinking about your mother and really helping her. And its ok if you can not do the course right now, as that is something that is not under your control right now, you did your very best in trying it out. Have some courage and give yourself some time and everything will be sorted out.


Asking for help is not a mistake. If you feel like someone’s out there to help you, just take it.
You can pay them back later and make it absolutely clear that it will take some time.


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