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I’m so sick of being the only one that puts any effort into our marriage. He keeps saying he will change but he doesn’t. I take care of the kids and the house, mow the yard, fix the cars, take care of the animals, go to college online and have a part time job. All he does is go to work and come home to “relax”. I just want to be taken care of for once 😭

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Aww, hey there Jodia!!
This is so relatable, I can completely understand this lack of enthusiasm or effort, and honestly, it is a marriage, and that constitutes both of you putting in the work. And I’m sure you would’ve mentioned this to him earlier too. Maybe if you also stopped doing all that you do to keep a balance, he’ll understand not to take things for granted? And maybe starts chipping in a bit too? Worth a shot, I’d say.


Sis actually he may have some problems in his job so ge may be in any trouble so u can ask him for any help and help for it


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