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Im so sad to see my family now. My parents were not talking to each other for almost 2 years. But i try to love them both equally. My dad is a chill one, while my mum always gets angry sometimes she would scold my dad. I know the reason why that happened because my mum was so stressed. Bcos she feels like she’s the only one who cares about the household. I don’t want to interfere with their problem because i know i cant do anything. After all, they are adults and they should communicate to solve the prob. But the thing is, whenever my mum talks bad about my dad it affected me so much. I feel stressed too 😭😭. Because my mum seems to hate my dad, she would talk to us sarcastically when my siblings and I were spending time with dad. I miss my dad so much even though i got to see him every day it feels like i have never seen him for a while.


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hope you and your family are doing well!
i think every family goes through some or the other problem…it might be small it might be big but they do go through it.
you know what your dad means to you and you know what your mom means to you. that’s what matters the most. if required, you could go and explain to them that they both are equally important to you. just try to make both of them feel loved from your side, if your mom taunts you let her know that you don’t love her less than your father.
if making them feel loved is something that’s not possible for you to do, that’s okay too just make sure you do your own thing to keep your mental health intact or to maintain your sanity.
hope this helps.
lots of love, light, and strength to you!✨❤️


Thank you this helped me a lot 😭😭😭. I’ll try to find the strength to talk abt this to them


Explain them importance of relationship what happens when someone die, Show them the reality. You are the only one can talk to them personally and explain the importance of living life instead of fighting/hating life.
If your mom hate your dad, means she is missing a lot from him. Ask her what is she missing if she can’t speak to you, then ask her to write it in a paper/note.

COVID is not dangerous to people who live in this world. It is our own thoughts which spoil your valuable time and relationships.

I don’t even know your age, But Since you are able to find they are not happy; You are capable of fixing it by telling the right words.

Ask the to look at their thoughts and observe and react to which makes them happy and not to react to those which make them so sad.


Thank you sm. I’ll try to use this approach to talk to them. Wishing u a happy life ahead 🌈✨.