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I’m so sad these days. My husband just disregards my opinions. If I’m sad about something he gets offended that I’m making a sad face. I feel smothered, it’s like he wants a robot in this life who will do exactly what he tells to do.

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8 or 9 years ago ,my dad used to behave like this with my mom . one day my mom stopped doing all the work she was supposed to do. my dad did not like and and the more he got angry, the more she stopped doing her job. my father started fighting with my mom and that fight became so complicated for another 2 months. he later started realizing that being nice to her will get him most of the things he asks for. all she wanted was a bit of respect and now no matter what she gets the respect she deserves .
what I am trying to say through this story is , do something that will make your husband realize your value. if you have a kid and stop doing all the household work then it gets ugly even for the kid. I know this because I was at the receiving end .
Instead, try talking to him once and if he does not listen to you carefully then try not to make it a big deal and just ignore him for few days. You deserve every bit of respect .
I wish you all the happiness in the world


Thank you


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