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Long Distance RelationshipThought


I’m so sad I want to scream and cry.
my boyfriend and I am working at same company but his house is far away from here
whenever this corona hits our company send people to work from home
he can only come here when he is working from here otherwise he cant afford staying here.
so we see for like 2-3 months and he goes away for 8 months and again he come to work for 2-3 months then again he has to go away now again he has come he couldn’t even stay for 2 months now he have to go away again
I cant I’m always keep on missing him
I am unable to see him properly or even talk to him
I don’t have enough time
once he and me go to another job
I don’t know whether everything will be the same
I really love him i want to spend time with him
I cannot keep on missing him
I don’t want to lose him
I’m trying so hard
but fate seem to work against me
I feel so helpless
why is this always happening??
whenever I think my life is getting better it just keep on getting worse and worse.
I’m a good person I deserve to be happy.
I had lead shitty life which had given me PTSD
and he was the only thing that was keeping me going
but I feel like this life is taking him away from me.

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Life keeps giving these twists but I hope you can get through it and you both be happy together always. :)
Take Care!


thank you soo much🥰

Sanket @sanket

Keep in mind one thing, either of you will for sure switch because both of you deserves growth.
Instead, express your insecurities to him and bring some reassurance between both of you and after that focus mainly on connecting with him more and more and enjoy each and every minute with him, fight with him, argue with him, make him feel special.
The time is very uncertain, if not the distance, this virus can bring some tough time.


we are so fully connected I talk to him about everything and he talks to me about everything too

Sanket @sanket

That’s great, don’t think about the distance much now, physical presence matters a lot to us however the time is quite disturbing and you cannot do anything about it.
The best way here is to stay as much as connected you can and be grateful for each and every minute.
The more you think about it the more you are hurting yourself and your partner.


yeah i completely agree thank you so much for your kind words it means alot🥰


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