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I’m so proud of you, every time I see you smiling I get insanely happy to see how far you’ve come. You are not the same person I used to know, but for the first time ever, seeing someone change in front of my eyes doesn’t make me feel bad, I don’t want you back because when you were you were unhappy. A part of me envies you, you were able to do what I could never and because I could never do it I know just how hard it’s been and I’m glad you made it out just fine. I want you but I won’t be the one to hold you back because I want your happiness before you being with me. You will always be the prettiest memory I have, one to look back to whenever life gets too overwhelming, whenever I lose purpose whenever I can’t find enough reasons why life is worth living, it just takes remembering you and what we used to have to bring me back to my senses, you are the reason why there will always be reasons. Goodbye, I’ll see you later when I find the door out of this haunted house.

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