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I’m so insecure about my self
I have acne, pimples, black marks and really bad skin + I have gained weight somehow I’m fat
Clothes don’t fit me
Just want all this insecurity to be gone but don’t know how to
And my mental health isn’t really cooperating with me

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Wait who is reading my mind
Bruh is there any camera around
Your post sounds like i posted it🤨😳🙂

Greedyboii @barmanji


See, lets start with 1 thing then we can move to another so for all the facial problem (acne, pimple, dark circles) try to change something in your diet ( you can look up onto the internet) and try home remedies to git rid of them completely, now next thing i get it when you are dealing with all these so you tend to eat more ( more likely binge eating and that’s the reason you gained weight) as soon as you change your diet for your facial just try to make a note of what you eat so and try to eat healthy as possible ( again for the fat loss you can look up to the internet) and last mentally, because of all this it was making you stress, so as you get all things together and change one thing at a time till all your mental health will automatically be good .

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Pushkar @pushkar254


Drink lot of hot water

Uchiha @kha


I know how this may sound…but embrace it. Embrace every single flaw. For the longest I stressed over being to thin, tall, having too much acne, not long enough hair, my nose being too wide, face too round. LOOK, everyone gets acne and it will leave with time, our bodies fluctuate in weight. No one is perfect, bump what the media says. And I know you just want to be confident but our bodies do bodily things and most importantly we are more than our appearance. Embrace those flaws because when you’re acne free and start getting pimples again you won’t be running to the nearest sephora you’ll be like whatever it’ll be gone when it’s gone and it won’t stop you from feeling confident when you walk out that door!


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