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I’m so f-ing tired of my mom, she’s always compared me to one of my friends, I admit it that she is way more better than me. Oh gosh I’m her daughter, and I’m not like her, we’re different but she always want me to be like her. I’m so tired I feel like I wanna leave, but idk where to go. And yes cause of my mom, I see my friend differently, like I’m seeing her not as a friend but as an enemy who changed how my mother looked at me. Well maybe it’s my fault bcs I’m such a stupid daughter, I have no skill, always have a bad grade at exams.

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Your grades do not define you, no matter what. It’s not who you are, no matter what anyone says. Don’t let that get to you please. It’s not your friend’s fault so please try to maintain your relationship with her…as far as your mother is concerned, try having a heartfelt conversation with her, like you would talk to your friends? Tell her what you don’t like about the way she treats you or what you don’t like about the comparison. Rather than shouting on her, maybe try talking it out with her calmly when no one else is around?


I also experienced the same. Always being compared to my schoolmate or classmate. Sometimes she asks what’s my grade when it’s exam week, then ask what about my classmate or a certain neighborhood child.

“That’s your grade? Then about (name) 's? I bet she got a perfect score.”

“You’re not the top of your class? Who did? Our neighbor’ s child?”

“I’m earning money for you guys, but you can’t even do your studies well.”

It pains me cuz I did everything as much as I can yet I’m still compared. It affected my self-esteem cuz I thought I’m freaking worthless.

Sometimes, I’m thinking of rebutting like, did you know mom? There are different kinds of intelligence? But if I did say that, it will only result to an argument.

Due to my pent up frustrations, and I also felt sick, I cried in front of her. I ask why she always compared to others, why she can’t look to me alone, look to myself without comparing to someone else’s child.

I cried very hard, but guess what? She didn’t reply anything. Years passed and guess she already forgot it.

I’m not sure if the result is good or bad but, I could not care less about it now. I gave up caring to her comparison, and I only do my best about my own gain


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