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I’m so confused making friendships. They say no ones perfect and I get that. And they say u have to make adjustments with every ppl regarding in their personality coz everything’s not picture perfect neither am I. But last thing I’d do to someone is make them feel less bout them and make them excluded in certain things.

My college friends always makes me feel like this. Makes fun of how I look sometimes makes fun of my interests and my dressing choices. They don’t do it often but they do it. I know how to take jokes but not insults. There’s difference. It’s ironic coz I don’t treat them the way they do.

And I told my friend that I find this guy cute and might have a crush and all. She was mocking at me and told “ see I didn’t wanna tell u this is to make u feel sad but he texts me a lot blah blah” who does that?
I just honestly feel excluded all the time and feel less acknowledged like it feels like my presence is not welcomed or validated there. I try not to break out and ruin my day. Even though I have talked to them million times bout this. They don’t seem to care or make a change bout this

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leave them, or just be good with a few from your grp whom you like to talk.

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John Kenny @johnkenny9980

Things will get better soon


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