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im so angry its not fair , my older sister never does any of her chores and i usually do mine but almost everytime i get stuck doing her chores because my parents make me. yesterday i went to the store for my mom twice i did my school work and i had to do laundry with my brother since my older sister didnt want to go. my dad said she had to do the dishes since she didnt go to do laundry, today my mom wanted our room cleaned and the dishes cleaned both of which were supposed to be done by my sister (she was supposed to clean our room like a whole week ago) . i wanted to do the room since i didnt want to do dishes but my sister said she wanted to do the room as well and so my mom makes me do the dishes which isnt fair i should at least have an option since im forced to do her chores, this is making to angry and im was crying nonstop out of anger. i cant calm down i just feel like bashing my head into a wall or screaming so loud or something im so sick and tired of this happening shes already an adult and im still a teen she should be more responsible then me

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I can understand your pointโ€ฆtake careโ€ฆdo some exerciseโ€ฆit will help you vent out

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Confront her about the house chores you have to do in place of her. If that is not possible then reach out to your parents and make them understand. You have to stand for yourself.


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