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Bulimia NervosaThought

Gabie @gabie13

i’m sitting in the living room wondering what to eat for supper if i eat supper tonight. i’m just hanging out on the app chillin for a bit. how is everyone?

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chirag sharma @animeoo

I am getting fuckingggg boreddd😑😑😑😑

Gabie @gabie13

yeah same here, i’m so bored so i’m hanging out on the app for awhile. feel free to say hey in a connection request. meaning you can send a request and add a note to it. that’s what i mean. anyway i hope you’re having a good day. it’s been a long hell of a week.

Bharat Bajpai @bha123_

I am just sitting on a dask which is broken from one leg. And reading some books. By the way how is supper?


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