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I’m sitting alone in the classroom and I’m just having this huge panic attack right now. I don’t know what to do. I wanna go home but I can’t move and I have one more class. I’m having a panic attack because the boy that everyone told me to not be friends with again because he has been treating me wrong and bad, well I’m not friends with him again like that but we are at peace now. My expectations were that I just want some peace in my life. I didn’t want any problem. I want to be with him in school with others without any awkward vibe. Now I have this report and I need to interview him to get good grades. I thought I could interview him through Snapchat and etc but no, he wants to do the interview in school. I don’t want to because I’m scared what other people are going to say when they see me and him sitting together. I know I shouldn’t be scared of being friends with someone. I just don’t want any drama no more. I’m so scared that people will talk more shit about me. Like I’m so done with this, I’m always scared of drama and discussions and judging. I just want peace and do good in life. Also, I don’t want to say to him “I don’t want people to see us sitting alone together and etc.” It will hurt him and be stupid because friends are with each other and etc. I just don’t know like my whole body is shaking and I just don’t know what to do and I’m freezing to death I’m so cold. I don’t know what to do so I just wrote down my thoughts now, it made think now clear but I’m still panicking and I’m so down to earth right now. I can’t talk about this with anyone. I’m so sorry for writing to much. Like I don’t know what to do, I just want to be happy and do good but I don’t know how to do it without having it hard.

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I am sorry you are having an anxiety attack. It is hard to manage anxiety as I have anxiety as well. In terms of choosing your friends, I don’t think you should be scared of what other people thinks as you are entitled to be anyones friend, but as long as you are happy. My counsellor always says that when you have anxiety, do some breathing exercises that will help your mind to relax or do some mind exercise from youtube or go to a therapist and vent about your thoughts because sometimes I guess you need a person to listen to you and to give you advice face to face rather than texting.

Go with your gut feeling, we all have a voice that tells us if we are right or wrong, dont ignore that voice, trust me I used to ignore those voices and as a result of that I used to face some consequences which I later regret. I know everything will be fine, dont give up and I know you can do it. keep swimming and one day, you will feel victory!


Thank you for telling me how to manage my anxiety. It means so much. I don’t know how to hear that voice. I know what my gut feeling is even telling me.


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