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Sam @sam66

I’m sick of mom hating me, she doesn’t practically hates me but she doesn’t like anything about me… all she sees is a stupid lazy daughter who doesn’t do anything right… even tho I’m struggling at trying

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Sam @sam66

I don’t want unconditional love I don’t care about that because it doesn’t exist… but I want her to see the goods in me

Anna @_moonlight__003

Try spending more and more time with her… Listen to her…and
try avoiding things which she doesn’t want you to do (if possible)

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Sam @sam66

I do spend time with her but it’s just full of negative talk and it hurt me… I’m lazy as she says but I’m really trying my best to change I know I’m not successful… I don’t know what to say I sound like a teenager… but her words hurt me … I’m not the best I know, it doesn’t mean I’m not trying to be better

Anna @_moonlight__003

Toh do some work… whatever she says you do… This might change her thinking
and don’t worry much about this… everything will be fine soon!!

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meenu @blehxx

everything about you is perfect and you should know that you deserve the world.
sometimes moms are like that there is not much we can do about it they are they way they are we can just accept it and stop trying to please them just do whatever that makes you happy your mom should be happy that you are happy if she is not then its her problem to work through.
dont be so hard on yourself


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