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I’m seriously struggling with self love issues these days. It’s like some days I think I am kind of okay but then most of the times I just feel ugly, I feel like nobody likes me or that everybody else is better than me. I don’t look good in pictures. Gradually I’m starting to hate everything about myself and I don’t know where this hate for my own self is coming from but I really want to get out of it and want to feel like myself again.

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Hey, my friend, it’s ok. Don’t make it soo hard. I totally understand your situation because even I am struggling through this since day 1 of my schooldays. I was overweight since my childhood because of genes so I was always body-shamed in front of everyone. I used to come last in any race and never got the chance wear dresses of my choice. But despite this, I was in 6 relationships, do you know how? It’s because I found out that whether it’s a guy or a girl, everyone loves to befriend those who are open-minded and free to talk to and that was my strength. I have got this amazing nature who can make anyone feel comfortable to talk to at the first sight. Haven’t you seen the girls who are pretty, boys tend to be scare but around boys or girls just come n treat me as their friend from day 1 because of my nature and that’s how I got confidence that maybe I am not pretty physically but mentally people love me. So first make a list of strengths you have got. It can be anything like I am chubby, childish, naughty and free-minded person so you introspect and make a list and focus on those more than you weakness. Hope it will help you


Mine suggestions may sound naive and wrong but try to change what you hate, of course dont go to far too, Do little change that u can do example your face full of acne and u hate it ask can u possible change it, yess by treating it (wash and apply medicine another example u dont like the shape of your eyes can u change it? Yess by plastic surgical ask again is it too much are you fine if u leave it just like then ? Probably I can do some make up, if you fine with makeup then move to another part…whatever it was still love yourself, and be thankful for what we can get today :))


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