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I’m scared of even texting that person.
I’m scared of what if I get robbed of even the ability to ask her if she is okay.

I want to talk to her, I want to tell her about my day and ask about hers.
But I’m scared to even say “hi”

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Just text her a hi don’t think about ifs and buts, give it a shot man

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numan @numanisbhat

You can ask her if the situation is worst & if you are considering a fact of self respect then i think it has nothing to with this . If you are being valued by everyone outside but not by one by because of any situation don’t think you are ruining your ego by texting them , if you really care u must text them. And don’t take advice from anyone do what u like . If u care and love them then there should be no second thought in your mind regarding text . Eg if you are family oriented person how much we quarrel with mom and dad at the end of the they come back to us just to see us smile . Likewise you should try your part and don’t expect the same in return .


Lol 😂 what did u do ???


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