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I’m really disappointed in myself. I have been crying for the past hour. I’m acting really ungrateful but I’m tired of being second best. I got my exam results and I’m unhappy with them. I wanted to get the highest score possible, but I got the second best score. Someone I know got the highest score possible on the test, and I’m jealous. I’m upset and I’m disappointed in myself. I hate myself. I should’ve done better.

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Dont consider disappointments as a failure, instead try to learn from them as much as you can these disappointments just teach us a lesson to do something better to master it these are not failure but a way of learning.

Everything happens for a reason, just to teach us a lesson to learn.There will be situations more difficult than these as you progress in your life, your path to success if you learn to tackle these you will gain the right confidence and determination to deal with them.

We are humans we are born to do mistakes and learn from them these mistakes will help you gain success and try even harder than before remember this time you’ll come come even stronger.

Every successful person did mistakes at first but that is how they learned to be better to comeback stronger and with their hardwork and determination they made their dreams come true.

Disappointments should not be considered as a failure these are just tasks that you have to complete to be successful. The path to success is very challenging and those who learn from their mistakes by their hardwork and determination will be the one who could stay in it.

Just dont lose hope,it is what keeps us alive and makes us work harder.

Good things happen everyday and remember once you’ve faced the bad there will be good times and it will feel like a surprise gift filling you with happiness. As you complete your tasks these will be the gifts awarded by life.

So believe in yourself, work hard to achieve your dreams, disappointment just makes you comeback stronger, they teach you a lesson learn from them.


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