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Ajita @ajita

Iโ€™m really confused as to what exactly my parents want from me, they say something and expect something, moreover Iโ€™m always confused as to what they expect. They get upset with me and donโ€™t talk about what is bothering them. Iโ€™m oversensitive person, it literally spoils my whole day if itโ€™s like this. As well as Iโ€™ve moved in with my parents after ages, as I always away from home due to studies and job. I moved here because I got a better job here, but it makes me feel pathetic at timesโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve no idea how to deal with this.

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Hii Ajita. I think you should sit down and have this conversation with them. You need to firstly realise what YOU yourself want and expect from yourself and then discuss with them about it. Talk to them about what you want and I am sure they will try to understand your point of view. They do care about you and would want the best for you!

Ajita @ajita


Thereโ€™s no conversation, itโ€™s 95% argument 5% impositions. My father was in administrative services, and he behaves with us like an officer at home also. Evertime ordering and expecting his orders to be followed instantly, just like his subordinates did.

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