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I’m really behind in an online course, not because I’m struggling with the material, but because I have been procrastinating it. I feel really stressed about the whole thing, and whenever I try to chip away at it, I can barely focus because I’m worried what my other classmates taking the course think of me (they can see if I am behind). I am really embarrassed and tired and upset and stressed, and I don’t know how I’m going to get through the course. I feel like I’m disappointing everyone.

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I am in the same position like really. But I’d say try to increase your focus level. Make up your mind to get on track. Take help from one of your friend and ask her what you don’t understand or try to slove papers or worksheets together. You could also YouTube certain topics that you don’t find interesting to read. You can do it. Just set your mind to it 💪👍💕


Well I was where you are I’ll suggest that if you’re procrastinating whatever you have to do… take a break from all of it… like give yourself a day and think about yourself… it’ll be a setback but it’ll motivate you to study and even catch up to your current deadlines…at last if you were to take a break… don’t go binge watching or trash eating spend time alone with your thoughts…eat properly and keep your phone and other electronic devices away.

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