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I’m quite sick of hearing or reading in everyday life descriptions of things or people as “feminine” and “masculine”, refering to traits and such linked to stereotypes. I just feel like we’re going backwards or we’re a bunch of hypocrites for using such terms, specially with women since after sharing or saying that we don’t belong to what is described as “feminine” people still use it anyways.
I really want to people be aware of the connotations of these things. Why do we have to accept these boxes, personality and traits of these terms implying these are somehow innate to both sexes respectively? Don’t you have a question in the back of your mind or the rising feeling of “ah, this isn’t right”?
Women being powerful, not using what’s described as feminine clothes, short hair. Suddenly they call her masculine. Why so? And such the other way around.
I understand that these implications can go with the way that society thinks the majority of people of both sexes are, but are they really? I can accept using such terms when it’s refers to something biological that x sex has it more prominent than the other or it’s characteristic of it for example, but when it comes to taking roles like that makes me so confused of the use of them.
There’s a celebrity I really like and she’s quite popular aswell. The thing is, since she’s very charismatic and has a powerful aura aswell as she’s very confident and free, people call her masculine and “boyfriend”. Even if it’s for the sake of not describing her with a lot of terms and using it in one, is the fact that such is connected to the masculine sex and it just perpetuates such a role to both women and men.
Back in like what, 2015? People would be against it really hard, when we all started to be aware about these things. Now it’s a mess, and makes me pissed how the ideologies I grew up with are being tamed like this.

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If we really talk about stereotypes neither of us fits to completely masculine and feminine traits. Actually these are just human traits. For example if you feel a threat and you have no option to escape other than fighting back, you will do that or otherwise your adrenaline rush will make you do that which is deemed as masculine trait. Men and women are physically different though - men have more strength and speed and women have better endurance and flexibility. But that difference become least of our concerns in modern world as most jobs require mental abilities. And regarding clothing choices where whatever you want just it must be suited for the place, for example we cannot wear a shimmery dress in someone’s funeral. These are just traits. People are different with different interests. We are not factory products that we will be similar to one another. Stereotyping does more harm than good. Men are stereotyped and which is why they cannot seek mental health helps and are more prone to die due to depression on the other hand women can’t express their anger and has ro be on alert all the time that’s why women suffer from anxiety disorders more often than men. Stereotypes and these ‘yin yang’ concepts has no scientific basis.


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