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I’m one of the four leaders on our schools debate team. One of the leaders and a regular first-year debate member were put forward to go into a ‘prestigious debate’ of sorts. I’m feeling very disappointed in myself, but I know they would do good as a debate team. I’m wondering why I wasn’t chosen.

Last year I had really bad depression for a month or two, and I am still not fully recovered. I used to scratch my arms until they were a bright red or slap myself when I was alone. I started going on anti depression meds for around four months or so now. One of my teachers, the same teacher who is advising our debate club, accidentally saw my scratched arms all those months ago, and its been weird ever since.

I feel like I’m finally healing, but its just the small things that seem to bring me down again.

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It’s going to be all right, honey. There are going to be many small and big things that bring you down but at the same time you’ve to also count the small accomplishments you nake. You’ve come a long way. Sending you loads of love♥♥


The thing is there are people who still don’t take mental health as something serious.
“Just don’t overthinking you’ll be okay”
As if it were that easy.
Also many start to see the one suffering differently they might be supportive at start but soon they change.
But you’re stronger that anyone think. You can overcome these difficulty and also you’ll have all the support you need. Try to find someone to rely on and keep believing in yourself, you’ll get better and you’ll see yourself in a new light.
Hope this helps…
More Power to you ✨✨
Rise stronger than ever


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