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TheAyanSangerTa... @ayansanger01

I’m officially set to start the ‘Say No To Instagram’ campaign

Well there is a reason. It just fucks up peoples minds … gaslight them into thinking stuff that might not even exist … make them crave for dopamine boosts every new second and slowly depreciate them of their much needed attention span … till it’s just a few seconds, to get the reels culture growing.

Well, take a second and look at yourself while using Instagram. You’re having a bad day and you immediately take it to Instagram, post a picture of you and wait for those validations to make you feel better. Or sometimes worse …

Life doesn’t work like that. A bad day needs to be lived through just like the good ones and escaping it will only make your conscience weaker by the day
Social media is no different from drugs. It might be useful in small amounts but slowly makes your brain crave for more and at least make it impossible for you to live without it.
There is literally 0 difference. Give me an L if am tripping.

Instagram is infact a walking, swimming and flying piece of red flag and the more you stay away from it and do some real stuff … the more you become human.

Well if not … best of luck dude 🙂🙌🏻

Ayan Sanger
(Thank me later)

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Bro is spitting facts.

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TheAyanSangerTa... @ayansanger01

Facts = mistakes ♥️🙂


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