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I’m not understanding anything whatever is going in my life sometimes friends,sometimes family,sometimes society etc. All are hurting me in one or other way I’m not getting what to do…specially I’m preparing for JEE but at the end of the day when i comes back to my home I only ask myself whether I’m going to crack it or not and also my grades are also not so good I’m always coming last in my batches and classes. I works really hard,I always solve question that are thaught to me but when i sit in exam hall my mind explodes I don’t remember anything…
Plzz if any one who is reading this can you please help me…

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Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, try to know what is the problem you are facing. Don’t care about society and what it thinks about you.  Just focus on your goals and believe it you can crack your JEE exams.
Be positive.


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