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β€ΊBody Dysmorphiaβ€ΊThought


I’m not happy with the way my body looks. I’m too fat and discourages me so much. I don’t ever feel confident. I don’t feel worthy for anyone’s love. I disgust myself whenever I look in the mirror and it’s not helping me with study whatsoever. I don’t feel motivated anymore for anything and it’s just so hard to encourage myself with everything that’s going on in the world right now

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Tanya Singh @dbtanya01


Heyy beautiful!!
We are humans, we all have different body types and it’s completely okay to not have the perfect body! I mean who is to say what a perfect body is. Before feeling worthy of anyone’s love, your goal should be to love yourself, Love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself irrespective of all the flaws, of all the imperfections. Accept yourself and your flaws and your imperfections, accept your body because only you and your body are going to stay with you forever. Whenever you look yourself in the mirror, remind yourself of this amazing life that you have, remind yourself of the unconditional love that you have for you, your body, tell yourself that you accept your flaws or your imperfections.
Most importantly tell yourself that you are going to be a better version of yourself every day. Start working on yourself and do it for your own self and not for anyone else. Accepting yourself takes time but once you start accepting who you are and how you look or how you feel, things will change, you will feel more confident and motivated. Things take time, take it slow, don’t rush into anything, take your time and you will see the change.

Just remember, it’s only you and your body that is going to stay with you till the end, work to improve it, work on yourself!

You are beautiful!

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Simran @st1199


Always try to be a better version of yourself. Inculcate the habit of having fruits, exercise daily for at least 30 min and eat healthy more than junk.
When we reach a stage where we feel good about our body and the hard work we did to reach here, that is the day you will start loving your body mentally and physically.

It’s always good to check your BMI and have a range between that only. Not obese which can lead to health issues and similarly not malnutrition. You should be in a good shape which you feel- Okay, I wanted to achieve this, I have and now will work daily to remain like this and increase strength, muscles and overall functioning of the body.

When I say this, trust me, if my body feels good I myself feel good about everything. Laziness will not take you anywhere. So start working out till you are motivated enough to do it daily. Also, a tip: eat light in dinner as it makes your body feel light and better than heavy meals.


Hey, we are all humans with different body shapes/types there is no such thing as the β€œperfect body”. You are worthy of someone’s love, they will accept you for all of you. I would suggest working on loving and accepting yourself because you’re absolutely perfect the way you are. If you are unhappy with the way you look you can always make a change.


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