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Sayali @sayaliii3

I’m not feeling well .I always try to save relationship but at the end everyone leaves me . I don’t what the problem is in me .it’s me or the Person I love . Im Soo confused . After so long I dated a person for a year . But now even he Is not interested in me the way he was before . I’m the one trying to solve each and very issue which took place sometimes I think because of that he started taking me granted . I feel numb most of the time. Just because I value people and emotion.ive started loosing myself . I can take this anymore .it’s just too much to carry .

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Secret @randomsaduser

it’s okay, things happen. I just got out of a 3.5 year relationship. Just know that if it couldn’t last even a year it won’t last a decade as well.
connect w me if you’d like to talk💖 dw me here for your supporttt stay strong

Sayali @sayaliii3

Thankyou 💕


stop blaming yourself if u r loving someone unconditionally then it’s a good thing but don’t let yourself to be attached this much to other people and if your boyfriend loves u he will never hurt u or if he hurts u he will realise n console u

Sayali @sayaliii3

It’s like I’m in the state I don’t know what to do should I wait or moveon . . He already said he don’t want to be in relationship anymore . But ik he loves me because he talk to me want to even meet me . But because of my mistake and argument . He don’t want to date me anymore . But I want to sort it out . Ik it will take time . I’m not even prepared for it . But it’s feel like it’s worth waiting because I love him .

Sayali @sayaliii3

Yeah I’m not trying to moveon at this situation . But I’m trying to focus on myself and love myself bit more everyday . Breakup and people are going to come and go . I have made my mind that I have to face whatever comes . I’m preparing myself for every situation . At the point you have to become strong no matter what but for yourself . Because you can’t loose yourself by loving others . Love your self more then the person you loved . Made me realize after the breakup which happen day before yesterday night . But we meet we talk what was hurting us . And mutually took a decision to take break for 6 month . Which will be good for both of us it will also make us realize the importance of the each other in our life . I hope this break will end one day and we will start all over again . I’m taking it in positive way because I believe in us .


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