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I’m not feeling that great in my home right now my family is completely different than me always laughing or yelling at me. I’ve tried to talk to them about this stuff but they tell me that I’m a child so I have to respect their rules and that they aren’t mad at me they are frustrated. I never ask them with help for anything because i know either they will give me some Christian advice to everything or ground me which I don’t want. I’m not against religion but they give it as an answer to everything and most the time I want advice that’s not filtered through Christianity. The only time I’m ok with this is when it’s something that out of my control. They also made me very scared for my future. I look at a lot of hentai images online and had around 2300 photos saved they told me to get rid of them but they said the reason why was because if I didn’t stop watching I would become a corrupt business man who will do anything for sex go to jail for rape and drug abuse. Most of the picks where just girls with no shirts on or POV of guys having sex with the girl but wasn’t much worse from that. This shocked me so much I convinced myself that’s how my future will turn out. Ever since that day I’ve been struggling to resist the urge to watch more hardcore stuff I don’t know how to do now.

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Hey there,
I want you to know, you have nothing to be worried about as far as your future is concerned. As long as you are a good person who does good, you’ll be fine.
As for your parents, it seems like they are just projecting their frustrations on to you, without being able to be reasonable with you. Maybe they are a bit conservative, and therefore a little bothered by what they have found out. I don’t know if this is a great suggestion or not, but maybe you could try to shut it out a little, as in, not take everything they say to heart. Parents scold and say mean things sometimes, that they do not mean. If ultimately your parents mean well and what good things for you, then I guess you could excuse their poor communication skills. I know that that’s not a solution to the problem, but it might just help you get by for now, because clearly, confronting them or having a conversation with them about this is not an option, so this only leaves with you trying this so that your peace of mind remains intact.


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