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I’m not feeling great at all and I just need to talk to someone other than my parents so I don’t get punished.
I’m struggling lately because I like this girl and its one of my sister’s friends. The girl likes me too and my parents tell me that I’m not allowed to go for her, not even you’re not allowed to date like I’m allowed to do that but my mom says that I’m not allowed to date her specifically.
I’ve dated 2 of my sister’s friends in the past and I have never had a bad breakup and when I’ve broken up with her friends in the past it’s only brought them closer together and I honestly don’t know what to do like I’m willing to fight for our relationship and I don’t know what to do😭

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If you really love her then go and tell your parents and hope they will understand. Except confessing to your parents you actually can not do anything. Like if you guys date secretly then eventually your parents will get to know someday. So, better you should go and talk to them and tell them how you feel. I hope this will work.


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