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Shubham @sd16

I’m not feeling good. I got a Campus placement and doing job from July, 2021 and I’m doing good in my initial three months of the job and I’m also feeling good. But now I’m doing mistakes from last week again and again which makes me disappointed and also feel very low about myself. I also disappoint my superiors too, they literally had a very high expectation from me and that makes me to think about myself. I had done literally a blunder and for that again I will scolded by my superiors again which makes me uncomfortable.
Im just exhausted of that, I’m just findings about the things which keeps me going but for now I’m not able to process. What to do ? How to do? Why I’m doing that ?
I just figuring out, I’m just 22 I can do better but the coming week makes me uncomfortable.

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Heyyyy buddy…
first heres a virtual hug for you.
See you are still new, n learning… we all make blunders at job , trust me even all ur superiors were at same stage initially…
I know it feels bad, but tryst urself buddy.
Its fine u made a blunder, u got scolding…now learn from it, n please don’t losse that confidence buddy

Shubham @sd16

Thanks, I’m learning and correcting myself, what could we do to mood up myself.

Ananya @ananya_rukku

Hope that you are doing well!
I don’t know anything about work cultures in private firms but owning up for mistake is just a small step. I mean it can happen again, maybe the problem is that you are too much into work and don’t have time for yourself. Try to look after your health physical and mental. Don’t fall into routine, it may sound weird but you are 22 and you are exhausting yourself in your initial years, it’s a long road a head. You should really start investing in yourself and appreciate the efforts you are putting in. Trust yourself and work hard , give your 100% but don’t over burn yourself. Take small steps, one step at a time.

Shubham @sd16

Yes Ananya, I will take small step, I also have to observe my surroundings, I also analysed about my self that I don’t know about what’s happening around me other than work which burn myself, I’m looking forward to do any new things in a day. I think this will help and I also have to make balance in between work and life.

Ananya @ananya_rukku

You Go Boy 🎉🎉 you actually know what to do now, keep up this confidence and world shall see your magic (including your boss) 👍🌄

Shubham @sd16

Yes sure, I have to trust my process and myself.
Thanks from there, I am also able to talk with friends about that and literally that’s makes me very easy and understand the things
They all be like aree Dayma!! Chill kar bhai


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