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i’m not feeling good because i’m in a state where i’m completely alone
my mental health is on edge
i’m afraid of making commitments

Post anonymously?

U not alone … U can talk to me


i had a bad relationship in the past
i dated a guy i barely knew about but the result left me scared to this date
i have a friend who is interested in me and i do like him but he is so close and imp to me that i don’t want to loose him
i caught feelings for him but i’m afraid to make a commitment


Its ok… Take ur time don’t rush with things

Eventually everthing will be fine…

Hello there. Its okay to feel like that after an intense emotional experience. Please feel free to express what happened to you in the past so that you can be helped with that and you can be free from it to take on better and amazing experiences of life.

You can share about this to the guy who is interested in you and let him know that you want his friendship but will need more time to get right with your past so you can think about going further. You need some time to heal and its really important to let yourself have that. Getting committed in this stage will only make it really difficult for both. Its okay, take your time. Feel free to express yourself further and give yourself some care. You are going to be okay. Stay Blessed. :)


thank you for making me feel safe . much love to you❤️

Yay ! So glad to see someone smile. Keep it up. It is my pleasure to be able to help. Love and Blessings 💯 times back. Take Care. 💛