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I’m not doing so well and idk what to do about it anymore. I feel like I’m in a downward spiral I’ll never get out of. I’ve gone through a living hell and finally got out of a very violent relationship. I’ve worked so hard to get to a good place, but It’s slowly dwindling away.

I have a friend I’ve known for 14 years now, I’m probably her oldest friend at this point, I’ve been there for her, put up with some pretty insane stuff, and now out of nowhere, she won’t talk to me. To say it’s upsetting is an understatement, and given with what hell I’ve been through, I just can’t really handle this. She will go long periods without saying a word to me, then when she messages me and I’ve tried to talk to her, she won’t talk at all. Idk why she’s doing this to me, but it makes me feel like I’m a cat’s pray and I’m just being toyed with.

And it’s so damn hard not just ignore this and pretend it’s not getting me. I have no one I can even talk to now. This whole thing has really put me in a dark depressing place. It’s like she acts any decency or empathy.

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Really sorry that you have to go through this. sometimes it really hurts to realise that who we thought we could rely on all this while, we really can’t. i can only imagine what youre going through. the only advice i can give is tell her everything. how you feel, what you feel, why you feel. everything.
Please stay strong. always here if you want somebody to talk to;)


I agree with what @theunacknowledged said. You’re very brave and strong to have gotten out of that abusive relationship. I’ve been in an abusive relationship in the past so I know how you feel. I feel like having a heart to heart conversation with your friend and explaining exactly how you’re feeling will help to clear things up between you guys. Please remember that no matter how sad or depressed you get that there are people in this world that love you and care about you. Me and unacknowledged are clear examples of this. Keep moving forward and focus on surrounding yourself with positive people and good because it’ll only attract more good things your way in the future. Hope this helped :).


Hi there i may not know what you really feel, what you are really going through but just so you know that you got this. You can and you will , thiss shall past okay? May god heal the pain <3


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