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Miso @nova_

I’m not discriminating,I’m simply stating my opinion.

People say ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ which tells us not to judge a people by their looks, but i can’t help but do what they tell is not to do. I judge people by their face and try to stay away from them coz I’m either I’m scared to face them or I just don’t wanna interact with them coz they seem rude etc. So am I doing a wrong thing? If you think I’m wrong then how? I’m not saying that in front of them that they seem rude or that I don’t like them…

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sid @sdt028

It’s cool i think, I do the same. It’s help to avoid all those rude people

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Mallikarjun @lostarjun

Its alright. Everyone evolves by different experiences, there will be times when you start judging people not by looks. It part of life

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Nope, we judge because we need information about another person so we can do things in a correct way
But we don’t know strangers so we judge them from their looks


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