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I’m not a great person. There is no one that can relate to me at this point. The only thing is, even when my additutes are bad, it doesn’t hurt anyone except me. I want to escape from this. Even my nightmares are better than my real life. And if this life, people, history, doesn’t accept me, I refuse accepting this life, and faith. I want to escape real quick, the only thing is unlike nightmares, you can’t just wake up. There is no way that things are going to get any better by time. It is getting worse. I hate people even when they do nothing to me, and they hate me because I don’t do anything to them (since I don’t show my hate). But it hurts a lot and I can feel that it isn’t relatable for most people at all. How can I end this life?

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Girl i feel you, i wanna end it too.

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