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I’m new here, it’s already 3 in the morning here. I can’t sleep, I kept on thinking about my life when I were not pregnant yet. I’m kind of regretting my decisions. At this age, 20, I still want to go all out of my life. But as of now, I am here beside my husband lying on our bed. He doesn’t have an idea that I am regretting it all. What should I do? It’s killing me.


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Hi. Pregnancy at any age is difficult (Haven’t been through it but A personal opinion). Im sorry you are feeling this way and it is okay! Things can get quite overwhelming sometimes. There is no correct time to get pregnant (preferably after 18 years). You might be missing out on the stuff which the same age group people would be doing but its not compulsory that you should be doing what they are doing. If you are planning on continuing with the pregnancy, your baby will needs you and he/she can change your life. You have your own timeline of doing things. Make memories, try to make peace with your life. Its okay to share these feelings with someone close (husband,closefriend,mom). Pregnancy hormones might cause some feelings of anxiety sometimes. It is normal to feel this way and you will get through this. At the end of the day it is your body and you get to choose what you want. No regrets! All the best and a happy new year !


Hello there, I was at your point once and I almost yumped I was standing on the rooftop of a 30 story building and yust thought go and it will be over, I don’t know if this was a sing from heaven but right in this moment my best friend called me and said" I am sorry, that you are all way carried about our lives and you just keep your self in the background and I need to say to you how Importen you are to me and my brothers you are my Family and I could not live without you"
In this moment I understood how much I was going to hurt my family and my friends if I yumped. They would give them selves the fault I realised how important it was to keep on going in the first not for my selve but for my friends and family. But time even heald my wounds and now I am at the point of trying to make my life and the lifes ov my Family and friends joifull to be worth living in them instead of escaping a horror thriller.
I don’t know if you red this,
But for me it was the right choice.
Pleas forgive my misspellings I’m usually not writing in englisch.

But at least try to change befor you give up.


be onest and talk to your husband you will find a way togheter


Hey hey, being anxious before birth and rethinking is something completely normal. You need to talk things out with your patner and keep an open mind!