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I’m moving with my mom and my sister across the country in a month from MN to WA. Next week I will be going to my grandmas house in SD to visit her until we move. Up until this week I was so excited to move, but now theres like a weird sensation that I’m feeling that makes me not want to move.
Like I have had at least three breakdowns in the last two days because I’m gonna miss it here. Like I still want to move, but stuff is just getting depressing right now. Is that normal?

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Yes it’s normal. I went through the same thing, I had to move from Idaho all the way to Virginia my freshmen year of high school.


Of course that’s normal! Give yourself a break, because it’s not easy to go through so many changes and seemingly all at once.
I applaud your courage because you thought enough about your feelings to ask if it was something to worry about. Never bottle in your feelings because eventually they find their way out and sometimes it’s not in the best of ways!
You’re young, you have no say about the direction your life is going and that can feel scary sometimes. But trust in your parents that they know what they are doing. Keep your mind positive…this is crucial because you want that positive energy around you!

As an older woman at age 58, I just recently learned that we choose our moods, believe it or not. Being happy or sad, (or negative in your attitude vs positive) is a choice you make. It’s not as if your mind and body just melded into these moods. It’s what you tell yourself when things change, or there’s something you need to do that might rock you out of your comfort zone. It’s a choice --an actual choice–as to whether or not you want to smile and be positive.
So think about it, meditate, give yourself some space!
Realize you’re going to be fine.

Life is an adventure, so let those positive energies flow!

Jenine Killoran


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