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I’m mentally ill 😔
Still in love to my 5 years ex.
What will I do to forget? ☹️
Please leave any advice and experiences 🙏

2 replies

find yourself on focusing another hobbies like playing games, play musical instrument, read books etc., if that boy or girl doesn’t loves you anymore, there is nothing you can do… base on my experience to my 4-year relationship, same thing happen to me, i cant totally moved on and there’s nothing i can do, she doesn’t loves me anymore.


Well, what I had done was a bit stupid and immature thing but atleast it felt good and I moved on easily. 2 years back when I broke up with my boyfriend, I started making new friends like literally strangers and especially the opposite gender will be better. So I never fell in love with those strangers but as you know there is always a connection a boy and a girl try to make if they are single so yeah that whole process of making that connection made me forget him within 2 years (obviously I still miss him but I am sane now not like before who used to not able to sleep for hours together or binge watch all romantic movies to make my wound deeper).Hope it helps. You can actually try, it might help you.


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