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I’m lost
Idk what to do in life

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Yess, that would be real nice.
I graduated 12th last year with a good score.
I didn’t do great in entrance exams and my parents couldn’t afford college.
I decided to take a drop and get into a good inexpensive College for undergraduate.
I worked real hard. NGL i went off track during preparations but i got back to my schedule.
I did better in my exams, scored to well yet I couldn’t get into a top colleges or the course of my preference.
I love Biology but it’s a difficult career path. I’m ready to work real hard but it hurts when the hard work doesn’t pay off well.
There are so many things running through my mind. It’s like a crowded city Market and I’m not able to find any peace.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

What happened ?.

peppy @autumnleaves

List out the options… Let us find out


1 . Should I do an undergraduate degree in Biology or Engineering (Computers) or Business and Finance?
Which has a better job scope and pays off well?
2. I’m interested in doing everything from finance, business, engineering, biology, paint. I’m absolutely overwhelmed.
3. I can’t figure out my goals.
Idk what I wanna work as, who to look up to? What should I do in life?
4. I feel I’m worthless tbh

peppy @autumnleaves

Worthless? Seriously? Look how beautifully you listed them out…

peppy @autumnleaves

I am in IT field for the last 15 years… And I will never recommend it… Reasons: you are not really helping anyone or anything in the universe, you will feel worthless at the end, or you will get tired of keeping yourself updated with the latest technology, and it is a field where you can gain knowledge anytime you want, so you will not miss anything if you don’t have a degree it…

Biology on other hand, is something you cannot earn a degree in if you don’t choose it now


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