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I’m lost at what to do. My mom is ill, and she is having trouble walking and moving. It’s been over a year now she hasn’t got out of bed. I’ve gave up the idea of college, military and even getting a car. I don’t even go out with friends bc she’s too afraid she’ll die if I’m not here. I wouldn’t mind sitting here with her… it’s just the fact she doesn’t try and it’s starting to impact my life, I found out I now have stomach ulcers from stress… And my little brother now has depression. She won’t try and I’ve treated to send her to a nursing home if she won’t try… But she still won’t try. I don’t have say over her so I can’t call hospis without my uncle’s word, but he won’t do it… But he won’t help either… I’m here 24/7 all the time and it’s starting to effect me so bad I’m losing it. And so is my brother. My mother isn’t trying to walk… it’s been a year… if she tried she would be walking again… But all she does is lay there. I’m confused and need some advice

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I am so sorry to hear this. It must be so hard for you. Your mother is really lucky to have such a devoted child. I know it is really a difficult time for you but remember it is equally difficult for your mother. She needs you and the facf that she always want you to be beside her, shows how much she trusts and relies on you. She is going through a difficult phase and i feel like she needs a bit more time. Encourage her to walk everyday. You yourself may take her hand and ask her to have a small walk. Remember that you are doing your best and sooner or later you will be rewarded, so try not stress over it because doing so will simply ruin your health. And also give some time to your little brother as well. In a situation where you can’t do much, you just need to let go. Just let things happen a their own pace.


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