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β€ΊAnger Issuesβ€ΊThought

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jay/red @idk_696969

im kinda mad at my friend bc literally I waz venting to them and they were like β€œyea you have issues with those kindz of things and blablabla you get butthurt over smal stuff blablabla” like bro I dont need you to insult me I’m literally doing it to myself rn and bezidez, you don’t see me talking about how you’re literally in a PORN gc with MINORZ like honestly get better before you pull zhit with me β€œyou have problems” ZO DO YOU HOE

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Crazy app not letting me comment


Just roast him and say PORM the only option ofc for u when uk u cant pull up real BI TC HE SS and cut him of when necessary u dont need to waste ur energy on him and surrond urself with good companies


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