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I’m just too happy that my boyfriend talked to me just like old days❤️❤️He went for a trip for 10days and when he came back …I felt he was totally changed …but today he talked to me just like how we used to!!! ☺️

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Dear life is very complex.
Many times there are several factors that can affect a person’s mood n hence behaviour
We often link it to ourselves…
Maybe he was bothered because of something.
Sometimes in relationship understanding,being patient n giving eachother space is required.

All the very best to you.
God bless u both always.
Stay happy always.

That’s great!! Sometimes people need change and it changes everything that’s in your mind and free from all the issues.

It made him feel fresh, think about you, and made him be the old he was with you.
I hope he be like this and you both live happily. 💜