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Sajid @sonu1999

I’m just tired of dealing with all the negativities in life. In last few months, I have faced casteism and anti-muslim bigotry. Even though I’m an Atheist I face such things often. Recently, I worked as a content writer for someone and today I got to know that that guy is saying my friend not to recommend any ‘muslim’ for his work again.
In August, when I was trying to find rooms on rent, people were asking me my caste and religion and then they declined me to give rooms on rent. I’m continuously thinking how much people have to deal with things everyday. A lot of my friends have faced the same, directly or indirectly.

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I am sorry you facing all this, this is very unfair, I am Hindu, I reside in very luxurious tower, my adjacent neighbour is a Muslim guy, if I am with my old mom walking to elevator and he is already inside, he will ensure, he will wait till my mom slowly walks to doors or elevator and only after he enters and lots of such small acts of kindness from both sides. World is moving to 21 century, let’s give some space to ourselves.

Take care!


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