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I’m just feeling so numb i want to cry out loud but I’m surrounded by my family so i can’t I’m holding back my tears nothing feels good i don’t have friends i don’t have people who supports me so many years passed but most of the times i feel same

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I also feel the same all the time. Best way to get out of this take a shower. talk to yourself That’s all what we have.


I already did and i talk to myself every sec


Do you have access to a park? I don’t know if you are a teen or adult so I will give advise in two parts.

If you are a youth: I encourage you to find a time where the park is not as busy if you don’t have access to a park maybe a beach or a saclided place where you are safe but have some privacy and axream! I mean it scream, cry, and get rid of all those toxins you have in your body. Do not hold it in. Do you like to dance? Dance out your pain? Physical activity releases the body from toxins and tensions.

If your an adult long drives if you have access to a car. Same advise applies only I would encourage you to go early mornings or late nights. ( please stay in lit places). WjTever you do release!

Journaling is really good. I find it Theraputics after a release. I hope this helps

Meet new people: there are so many people out here assigned to your journey!
B) clubhouse
C) bumble (has a new BFF feature)
D) social networking events (can find them on event brite)

Your family may not understand you but I do and I want you to know your loved even if you don’t feel that right now. I will keep you in my thoughts stay encouraged beautiful soul. Your going to make it through this season!


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