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i’m just curious here, what age do you think is the right time to loose your virginity? i lost mine when i was 16, i don’t think it was the right decision nor do i think it was the ‘right’ person. then again, when is the right time? i’m still young, i’m 17 now. and i am learning from my mistakes. pls comment, genuinely interested :)

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yeah it was really awkward 😂😂 i bled a lot and we were both so drunk. oh well, i just laugh about it now lol. i definitely agree though, before i lost it i had a lot of boys calling me frigid. it made me self conscious, but i did it in my own time. everyone is different, i was just curious to see when other people lost it


There is no right or wrong time according to me. As long as it’s your decision to do so, it’s completely alright. Just stay safe and take precautionary methods when getting involved with someone else :)


Loosing virginity is not wrong and i think after loosing it there is nothing which bother you. If it’s your choice of you’re okay at that point stop thinking over that past. Overthinking make alot things complicated so enjoy you present. Always Remember lesson you learned from your mistake and enjoyy


I gave my virginity to my first boyfriend at the age of 16. I don’t think it was “wrong” at all. We both were virgins and so, it felt right. I still love him as a person even though we’re not together anymore but I appreciate that it was with someone I care for.

Not being a virgin is a personal choice - my husband in fact, didn’t lose his until he was in his 20s so its really up to the individual.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about; regardless of not being a virgin or not. I think that the worst part, at least for me, growing up, was girls who lost their virginity at a young age (under 18) were considered, “easy” whilst girls who did not were considered “prudes” and the same goes for guys - if they didn’t have sex by a certain age, they were mocked and honestly, that’s just unhealthy.

There’s no expected age of when this should happen - regardless of what the Entertainment industry likes to sell us as a “norm”.

Since you’ve lost your virginity, don’t think of it as a “mistake” but an experience. If it was a one night stand sort of thing, then think of it as your first encounter and I’m sure it was awkward! Mine was! As long as the other person isn’t spreading rumours or treating you badly then its all good. It teaches us what we enjoy in being intimate and what we don’t like and I think that’s the lesson to take away from it.


There is no right age but societal pressure to not leave it for very late and because of that most people would be horrified of still being a virgin in their late 20’s, 30’s…


I have read many replies about this but mine will be quite different.
I think there is a right time to loose it,
A saying goes that practice makes perfect,but i believe not in everything.
That practice is an inbuilt talent that every one has on planet earth.
It does not come with practice.
I strongly believe that the right time is when u have gotten married.
But if you have,then just stop doing it and wait for the right person who u will enjoy with ur lifetime.
But the right time is after marriage.
God bless you.