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Sam @sam66

I’m just a disappointment… that’s all I am. I’m borne to be the person that disappoint everyone. My whole life is just been me disappointing people that I love. What’s wrong with me?

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Nothing is wrong with you.
it just you underestimated yourself. If you feel you went wrong somewhere try not to repeat it. Try to tackle insted making your own self. Trust me many people are there to make you feel small atleast you don’t do that yourself. Just belive in yourself and start with 0.

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Sam @sam66

How do I make it up for the people who I disappointed

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First find if there is any scope to rectify it or ask if you can make it up to them in any way they want.If you think there’s chance just try to be sincere with your feelings. Apologise first. Try to make them feel that you won’t repeat it and remember actions speak louder than words. But Just don’t have any expectations from them. It’s solely there decision if they want to forgive you or not. Just do your part sincerely.


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