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I’m introvert. I have few friends but i don’t usually talk to them myself…
I’m raised by my maternal grandmother(nani) as my mum left me with her when i was 6 months old.
Now when i’m 25 yrs old i used to live with my parents. I hv one brother. I feel vry alone here…
I can’t live with my maternal grandmother as my cousin feel like m interfering in their house.
I don’t get along with my parents and brother here as we’ve never been together. They don’t understand me. I feel like m useless and nobody loves me…their is no one in my life.There is no one in my life who understands me and on whom I can trust.,who listens to me. I think my life is waste. My life would have been different if my mum hadn’t left me then.

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Suma Ghosh @messybee

Please don’t think like that… You are not a waste… Things will change in course of time…Stay always positive


Hope so


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