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I’m in yr 9 and I can say that i have a lot of friends. In my school, they don’t really allow phones and I am very happy about that because everyone in my school has a phone but I don’t. I ask my parents for one but they said no and I can’t have one till I go to uni/ college. My parents also don’t allow me to use or do the following:
Paint my nails
Use multicoloured extensions (I can only use black and black is a little bit boring alone)
Wear crop tops
Wear ripped jeans or even tight jeans
Wear shorts outside the house
Other kinds of stuff.
And I’m a teenager and all my friends are allowed to use all these things and I feel a little jealous. I asked my parents why and all they say is it’s a form of distraction and I honestly don’t understand what they mean by that. They are really strict about the clothes I wear and I hate that.
Plus I have dreams of being an actress, dancer and singer and I know it would change but whenever I tell them they always give an unsure look and say it might change later. I don’t want to hear that my dreams would change later I just want their support. They wouldn’t let me train in my dancing or singing or acting skills all they said was wait to you move and go to college then you can do whatever you want.
My mum lets me use her phone just to talk to my friends but because I don’t wanna feel left out I kind of lied that I got a phone… I have a laptop not a phone and I feel bad for lying and I’m a Christian. But if I tell them… I don’t know what would happen.
I also feel like the odd one out in my class… There is this tv show that everyone watches(it’s kind of inappropriate for teens) I don’t watch it cuz I hate it and even though my parents would never let me watch it and I’m happy they don’t.
Since my mum lets me use her phone she also reads my chats… especially with boys and I hate that. It’s not like I have nothing to hide but there are thing we talk about that she wouldn’t understand but when I tell her I don’t like that she says"I’m your mother I need to know what you do". I love my parents’ soo much and I’m happy that I got them but the rules are too much and it makes me feel jealous and less than my friends because every teenager has and does all the thing I’m not allowed to do and I feel like I’m just really ugly sometimes when my friends wear makeup and look really nice😔.
Sign …
I really need help

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I’m 16 years old and I’m a Christian too… I know its hard being the only one not having a phone when everyone else does i went through that too… and I can’t wear makeup either… sometimes parents can be suffocating with all their rules, sometimes it kills me… its ok to feel jealous sometimes I feel like that too. But God separated you from the rest because your special… you are not ugly and I dont need to see a picture of you to tell you that… this day and age girls what to show off their body, that why your parents won’t let you wear crop tops and ripped jeans yeah those girls get boyfriends but those relationships don’t last, they will just go on to the next pretty girl… I had to use my mom phone to text my friends too and I told them it was my moms and they were understanding… if they are real friends they will understand and if you need someone to talk to like a big sister figure I got you…


Thank you so much… you have no idea how happy I am that someone understands. I’m glad I can come here and let my feelings out and get advises from amazing people.
Thank you so much :)


I never experienced something like this but the only thing I can say is just to follow your dream. If your parents are unsure about your dreams, then make them feel convinced. Learn from people who are experienced in those fields, make your own research and do your best to work on your dream. Your parents saying your dreams will change later sounds so discouraging and you shouldn’t keep that in mind. This world isn’t systematic for your parents to decide something like that in the future. Make your hard work and talent prove them wrong. But still, don’t hate them too much. They’re still your parents and you love them so much but you also need to be honest with yourself for you to move forward.


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