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i’m in high school- 11th grade and I have a crush on a really cute girl from my school. I want to dm her on instagram, but i don’t know how and what to say. But there is a problem. I think she might have a thing for another guy.

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you should tell her everything if there is any other guy in her life then its okay you have to move on.

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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Hey, I suggest get to know each other as friends. Talk about an assignment or something.

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hey mate, try to reply to her IG story maybe to start a conversation? Don’t blatantly express how you feel, get to know her as a friend first, people tend to look different on the outside and get different when you talk to them. Talk about things you like, listen to what she has to say, be friends first. Develop a gradual bond if she still is the person you want in your life as a partner. Teenage love can help you be a better person or make things difficult person. Know that it is not the only time you will feel love in your belly. After a stable friendship is developed, and if you still feel she is the person you initially liked, try to confess your affection politely. If she rejects, understand that its her choice to, even if she doesn’t like anyone else. Assure her that it won’t affect your friendship and take care that it doesn’t. Hoping the best for you <3


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