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S. @hemesh

Im in a very bad place right now. The only girl I ever loved ended things with me 2 days ago and I kinda
feel it’s my fault and it’s been haunting me this entire time. We could’ve been happy if it

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Everything is destined. After sometime you will find the reason for all whys.

Pollen @midhu

If at all you’ll fall in love again,just make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

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Anurag @anuragkumar121

Well this thing is relatable to me…Me & my girlfriend broke up more than 1 and a half year ago on the date 12.12.2020…it’s not easy to overcome her till now and I don’t think I can do that my whole life…but the thing is I love her maybe she doesn’t but who cares…My love is enough for both of us. Just respect your feelings and live with it 🙂✨


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