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im in a relationship since one and a half year now and im an ambivert but with my friends and loved ones become a total extrovert. since the past 6 months or more i feel that despite many discussions and arguments my boyfriend doesn’t reciprocate the joy and happiness anymore and is very dry on text and in person ive told him to put more efforts too since he doesn’t remember stuff anymore and is always very lazy about our relationship. he’s never concerned or talks to me when i tell him about me not eating or doing self harm and just ignores the topic when I bring it up. maybe at times im asking for too much but im not sure now

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Kya pata unhe kisi aur Sai pyar ho gaya

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I don’t if he is going through any personal problem or he has fallen out of love with you … may be you should clear things out and may be make a decision to leave him if he is not putting efforts… what’s the point of even staying if he doesn’t care for you that really rude …


No you are not asking too much a person who cares for you will not ignore your problems also was he in starting too like that ?

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Akhil S. @akhil_sharma_

It seems that you need to reset expectations with your partner. In a relationship, it is extremely important for both parties to have regular conversations about their expectations from the other person and the relationship. In case one or more of your expectations are not being met you need to express that openly and non-violently(without blame).
Feel free to chat with me to discuss this further and work on it. I hope it works out. :)


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