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I’m in a dilemma… To choose between my parents who gave me everything so far… And the person who is already imagining a life with me… Who trusted me after facing a lot of things in his life…

I don’t want any of them to feel sad…
I will do anything for my parents… But the moment I think about moving on… I feel guilty for making the person I love sad… He had faced lot of things in his life so far… I promised him that I will never leave him…

Will my parents agree a person with other caste… What to do…

If I tell my parents and if they never agre then they will never treat me the same…

If I don’t then I will never forgive me…

I’m in a state of confusion on what to do… Anyone please suggest me what to do

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Sanket @sanket

Fight for both sides!
Explain to your parents that he is capable enough, he is skilful, he can carry well.
If he’s not then support him to be capable enough.

Think calmly and if things are worth to fight for then FIGHT!


Hi dear
I feel in this case u need to tell ur parents
Tell anyone of them to whom u are more close…
Parents love us a lot…
Their love for you will not change…
They should know what is in ur heart
See falling in love isnot anything wrong u have done
That u should hide from ur parents.
Atleast give them a chance to know…
Then see what happens…
Donot assume
Maybe ur parents will agree…
I know it is very difficult for u
But pls try it out
Donot give up
Try for urself,for him n for ur parents…
It willnot be easy to forgive urself or moveon
Atleast u must try
If it unfortunately doesnot work
Atleast u willnot have to burden the guilt of not even trying…
Good luck to you.
God bless you…
Stay strong…

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ANGEL BLUE @angelblue

Dear Anonymous,

Let me begin with the fact that your parents should love you with whatever decisions you make! This is parental love. You will not disappoint them by being with the one you love. If they see you happy then they will be happy as well. You know better your parents than me but on the other hand you should open up to them tell them what the situation is. Do not be pessimistic things might turn out well in the end!! Let me know how it’s going so far and what else can i do to help

Always yours, AngelBlue 💙


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