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im hurt. i feel as if i have nobody which isnt true, i have people who say they care but at this moment i truly feel that they dont. i am a burden. nobody loves me, why would anybody care about how i feel? im so hurt, angry, lost and broken. all of my friends have left. i am the only one that checks in, they dont care. my mind is evil. all i do is watch youtube and cheat at school. im also an addict, i have 4 months and 3 days no mind altering substances and im 15. i honestly feel broken. like i just want to die. i dont wanna die but if i were to, i wouldnt care. the fact that im 15 makes everyone i try to talk to tell me im fine and its hormones but im not fine and my thoughts are painful. im in a toxic house, cps doesnt do anything about it. i feel like nobody cares and nobody wants to listen. im worthless. my anxiety is getting worse everyday and i need help

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Simran @st1199

Hey, again! :)

No, its not hormonals but you actually feel this way and you are deeply hurt.
You have a life to live, to have success, to party and what not!

I suggest that you should have a conversation with experts since they would be the best to guide you and make you come out of this. Guided by experts are the best, right? Since they professionalize in these things.

Just because you are 15, doesn’t make you wrong for being an addict. Everyone has something inside them but trying to fight back and living a life happily is the motivation you require. If you haven’t, watch the movie SANJU, how he tries his best to overcome his addiction and he WINS in the end. YOU WILL TOOO!!


thank u! ❤

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Simran @st1199

No problem! :)


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