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I’m having some mental health issues from the past few months.It has affected my relationships with my friends and family. Recently,a friend of mine told me that I’m acting weird and ignorant towards her. I told her about my conditions and she consoled me that time. I told her that I’m really very sorry for being like that towards her and she also assured me that she understands. But She never really underdtood my problems. She doesn’t believed the concept of mental health and assumed that it’s all in my head.Yesterday, when i sarcastically said something to her because of her constant nagging about me sharing my pictures with her. She bursted out about how insensitive I am and how ignorant I am. She accused me of not putting efforts in only our relationship but with everyone. But it’s not true. I’ve really put efforts,maybe they are too small for her notice but I really did put efforts. I’ve got some trust issues but she’s constantly asking me to trust her when I’m not really able to do that. It’s not that easy for me. She tries to push my walls and cross my boundaries which I find really inappropriate because I don’t really like that. I like to keep my distance from people although I love them. She acts like she knows me when in reality she knows nothing about me. It’s all her assumptions that she believes to be true. And she forces me to accept them and when I don’t or I get irritated with this behaviour of her,She thinks that I’m inconsiderate. She thinks I use her whenever I’m in need but in reality I’ve always adored her but some things really gets on my nerves. If I’ll say these things to her,she’ll think that i don’t like the way she is. I like her but it’s her habit to push everything and I simply don’t like that. Her life is so different from me but she thinks everyone’s like her that’s why she does things according to her will. Most of the time it feels so selfish of her. And whenever she acts selfish,She instantly tries to play the victim card like,“I know I’m being selfish but…”.
I don’t find it healthy. And I can’t do anything about it because rest of my relationships are at stake because of this. Maybe I’ll lose them too. What should I do?

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Simran @st1199

I understand this concern of yours. People like their distance and wish them to be involved only as much you want them to be and crossing that makes you irritated and feels a lack of personal space, right?

There could be a possibility that she wants you to open those boundaries with her and feel secure and comfortable? Or wants you to trust her and can come to her when you need someone to listen to? Or maybe in the worst case, she on purpose does that to know everything about you simply for no reason.

How you expressed your thoughts here and tried to make us understand your viewpoint, just go to her and tell her everything. Sometimes, a situation is enough to judge whether someone is good for us and our mental health or not. We get to know if we should give them a chance or it’s better to let them go without any regrets. Think of all that. Is she worth waiting for as a friend? Does she help you every time? Does she believe in you? Does she give you feedback on things she doesn’t agree with and check up on you? Don’t be friends just because you will lose other friends because of her. What kind of friendship it will be if someone will break up that bond because of XYZ person. It’s better to be alone and happy than roaming with “just for the sake” friends.

Most importantly, seek professional help for yourself. So, you feel good about it and your mind is at ease. Take some alone time and spend it on yourself for your wellbeing. 💕

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Ritu @anonymous123123

Thank you so much. I’m grateful to you.💜💙

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